Extractions of Wisdom Teeth and Other Teeth is what we focus on. Giving you the peace of mind of expertise and keeping costs to our patients as low as possible.

Of course there are costs associated with tooth extraction which we do not control such as third party X-Rays, anaesthetics and hospital day surgery.

Who does what?

Wisdom teeth extraction may involve up to three parties.

  • The Dentist
  • The Anaesthetist
  • The Hospital.

The Dentist's fees cover the consultation, the procedure and post-operative review. An indication of these fees are listed below. For Bupa members there is a considerable benefit discount provided and is usually at the lower range of fees below..


Consultations range from $73 to $120

Simple Extraction

Simple extractions range from $133 to $210 per tooth.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extractions range from $215 to $400 per tooth

Four Wisdom Teeth Surgical Extractions

Range from $860 to $1600

Please note

  • Anaesthetic fees are partly rebated by your health fund and/or medicare.
    Anaesthetic Services are provided by Adelaide Anaesthetic Services, Pulse Anaesthetics
  • Hospital costs depend on whether you have hospital cover with a private health insurance fund or not. It is advisable to check with your Health Fund prior to your surgery as to whether you are fully covered for your hospital stay, or, if you have an excess to pay.
  • Most surgical procedures are performed at the Western Hospital, Tennyson Centre Day Surgey
  • Some procedures may be performed at our clinic in Plympton.

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